Who’s back ?? Despite the fact that I can’t travel because of my student course, I can, of course, try new spots in the hometown. During this month, with the cold that caught us suddenly after an amazing Indian summer, I was searching for new locations to try.A friend told me that she saw a picture on Instagram, it was two months ago, in September, about a new restaurant in Lausanne.

I searched and discovered that it was the same six managers that opened the Pointu two years ago, who decided to open their second restaurant, called Loxton. Ohh what a great idea !But these two restaurants are completely different, first, the concept is not the same as the first one, at Loxton you can take a breakfast any day of the week, brunchin’ during the weekend, lunch & dinner time all the week ! But the news is that you have a little space downstairs the restaurant, where you can buy a coffee on the go or something to eat if you’re running out of time !

I immediately saw the same deco vibes like at the Pointu, like little details reminded me of the first restaurant. They keep the same spirit for the decoration of this new location and I love it, it totally works !You wanna know about the main subject of this article, is the food taste good right ? Let me explain to you, how amazing my Saturday brunch at Loxton was. First, one thing to know before thinking about this brunch, it’s that they don’t take reservations for this Saturday brunch, so first come first served ! For this day of the week, you better have to be warm up to be ready fast, if you wanna have a table.

About the brunch menu, you have 3 categories, the salty choices, the sweet ones and at the end the little sweets like bircher, acai bowl etc. We decided to try a little bit of everything (of course not all the menu!) and to share, like a real brunch. So we ordered one avocado toast, some French toasts, the pancakes and one açai bowl. We didn’t wait longer, despite the fact that the restaurant was already full when we arrived.Honestly, the avocado toast was good we just thought that the poached egg was not enough poached for us. Then the pancakes were incredibly yummy with the maple sirup!! And the French toasts were good but in my opinion a little to fat and sweet, with the jam on the top, but it was after eating the avocado toast and the pancakes, so we were already almost full.

Let’s talk about money, in Switzerland, a brunch for one person is around 30-35.-, you can find cheaper but we’re always talking about quality. For this brunch we paid each 35.- and we were surprised, we thought that it will be more expensive with all we ordered.The only negative point is that the place is really noisy when it’s full, we had to listen carefully what the other was saying, it’s a joke ! But yes a place full of people is a noisy place !

To finish this article, a really nice place to go out with friends and family, it’s for sure I’m gonna come back soon ! Trust me on this and go brunch !