How to start the first day of the week in a good way ?! With a new location in town. Just one week ago, the Green Gorilla Café opened in Lausanne, their second café/restaurant. The first one is located in Geneva, lucky us ! It’s literally in the middle of the center of Lausanne, what a good choice ! I’m totally obsessed with the decoration vibes, a little jungle in town, with high table and some cute little plants.

We went for lunch time, so you have two kinds of choice if you want something hot or ready to take away but if you want you can eat it there too ! I really wanted to taste the avocado toast, but it was already sold out …. We went for 12:30PM…. Be fast when you come !! So I trusted my dear friend and decided to try the same bowl as her, there was some avocado, quinoa, sweet potatoes, pomegranate, broccoli, and kale.

Obviously I ordered one Cappuccino and the two of us took a healthy smoothie, green for her and purple for myself. These pictures can literally tell you how amazing our lunch was, without any explanation from me !

I’m not a vegetable person, I was not familiar with this kind of food, but after the summer, I decided to eat more in a healthy way. And Green Gorilla Café made a good point ! It’s amazing when you really know what you’re eating, it was like a green bomb lunch. Like I said to Mathilde, with this green bowl I have the amount of vegetables for the week ! Joke!! And to be honest I don’t know if by the picture you will see but the bowl was really big, I cannot succeed to finish it but Mathilde did it !

About the price (24.- for a bowl, a smoothie and a coffee) it’s a little bit pricy for me (student life), I talked about the price of the bowl alone (16,50.-) but when you think that’s fresh and local vegetables in it, you are totally agreeing to pay that price. (Don’t forget that we are in Switzerland !!)

But I have good news ! During this last month of the year, all students have -20% discounts, so it’s the best excuse to go there and try this new restaurant.

You have to go there, and try some of their goodies ! You will not be disappointed, I promise ! There are really good vibes and music taste, we stayed for like 2 hours to study a little bit and it was quiet during the afternoon, so a good study spot.

I personally recommend this new place in town and what a great discovery !