Welcome back to the blog! It’s been a long time, sorry for that. I’m back from my first vacation in Stockholm last December 2019. In my entire life, I have never been staying that long without traveling. As you know like everybody else it wasn’t a personal choice. In fact, we booked these flights in February 2020 just before all this Covid mess. We thought we were gonna spend our best life last Summer in Greece but life decided otherwise. We decided that it was safer to postpone our dream vacation when the situation would be more visible and known.

That way we were finally ready on the 24th of July 2021 to fly to Milos Island. As I said, it was our first trip since the pandemic, and let me tell you we were prepared for this. We got all the papers we needed and were ready to go. Every travel has its own little surprise and lets me explain to you how our travel began. Now it’s funny so let’s share with you all. But let’s be honest I wasn’t laughing at all that time.

23th of July we just received our checking email from Aegean Airlines so we both did the checking online but with Léa didn’t go as usual. Something happened and her checking didn’t go right as she didn’t receive her seat number. She immediately called the airline company but they weren’t helpful at all. They only said to her to go do the checking at the airport tomorrow. For you to visualize the situation, since we were going for one week we decided to be light and traveling with only one hand of luggage ($$ too). We will have no luggage checking that means it will be faster at the airport. But with this little incident, we had to do it all over again just for one seat number. As prepared people as we were, we already bought train tickets so we had to change them last minute to arrive earlier at the airport.

With no surprise as it was Saturday morning, the airport was already full busy. We were waiting in the checking queue when Léa had a brilliant idea.  We were both so impatient to be traveling again so the waiting part was hitting us since the morning. She told me: let’s try the business queue and I will explain my situation to the lady and maybe if we have some luck she will do my checking there. Let me tell you people she was so nice and she did the checking right away. Then we did pass the security like fingers in the nose (thanks covid?) and finally we were so damn much in advance that the gate wasn’t even in the timetable. But better later than never? (You will understand why I just mentioned that if you continue reading this article!)

We have time to spare. We went to spend our last French money on the only spot in the Airport with some pretty expensive sandwiches to fuel ourselves before the first flight. Yes, you heard right, we had to take two flights to land finally on this little island called Milos. That explains why the final price of the flights was so high…

One thing I need to write so that you’ll be aware of all the flight’s details is that we had only 40 minutes between the two flights… Let’s the adventure begin! On the timetable, the flight was supposed to be on time so we were dead ready to board, but nothing was happening at that time. The plane was here, the staff was at the desk so we couldn’t understand why we weren’t boarding.

One hour later, the plane was finally ready to take off… We were so nervous because we had never been in that scenario with that second flight we have to catch on. We asked the staff and they told us that they will wait for us (no worries as they said) best joke of the week I swear!

The plane did catch up 30 minutes of the hour late he was… but it wasn’t enough. When we landed in Athens we told everybody we needed to go asap because we had a connecting flight but they wouldn’t let us because of Covid regulations… As the stress level was peaking at a high level for both of us, we were going for it even if there was the possibility that they didn’t wait for us.

So the airport sprint begins now. We were finally able to get out of the first plane and a man was waiting for us outside to give us some new boarding pass… huge mistake but we were in a such hurry. We were supposed to be on that second flight we couldn’t let be the possibility that it does not go that way.

When we were in the little bus transitioning us to the terminal I finally take a look at the boarding pass the guy gave us earlier. And I didn’t understand at first why it said boarding time at 8 AM I was like it’s a mistake. Then Léa took a look and she looked at me and told me, the flight is tomorrow morning……. But we couldn’t face the fact that this means that we missed our flight to Milos. We look at each other and we were like maybe there is still a chance to catch this plane.

The fun part begins now, we were leaving the bus and at the entrance of the terminal when we asked someone of the airport staff to help us catch our flight he says to us to go that way so we naively listen to him. But he made us go through all the airport process all over again … We did pass the security but wait that didn’t go smooth either. Let me explain to you that before the first flight I refill my Chilly’s bottle just before boarding. As they kindly offer us water I didn’t drink any of my water. But in the hurry, I didn’t remember that she was full. The woman at the security looked at me and told me « do you have a bottle of water inside your bag ? » I said « yes why ? » she said, « because it’s full you can’t pass with it ». I kindly asked her if I can throw it away and she responded to me « no » and then Léa looked at me and told me « drink it » and I was like how is it possible to drink 500ml as fast as I can. But I did it and I realized how hard the running part in the airport was gonna be. Then we rand and ran to the gate to see that our plane was long gone…

At that time I was partially breathing and I couldn’t find Léa … Then we finally found each other and we began to relativize a bit. The airline already booked a hotel for us and we just had to find a taxi. We met this incredible Greek man and he kindly offers to us to come back to our hotel the next morning at 5 AM to bring us to the airport again. We were so lucky in our misery. We arrived at the hotel and we didn’t expect anything like that. It was a beautiful classic hotel near Athens with an amazing rooftop with a panoramic view of the Acropolis with a pool in bonus.

A couple of hours later we were finally ready to fly to Milos. We were much in advance as the first time but we finally board and fly to Milos. We arrived at 9 AM and we checked for our car reservation at Europcar. Then we drove to our apartment in Pollonia.

25TH JULY 2021

Once we were settled in our cute apartment. We decided to explore the south of Milos since there was so much wind that day and pretty much all the week we were there, but it was so nice with the 30 degrees. During my research for the best beaches around I found this amazing one but there was just one thing to think about when we got there. How we to get down here. We did our little workout and then we got to finally swim into the sea, what an amazing feeling for almost two years without traveling. We got there late around 1 PM so they were people but we don’t care we couldn’t believe we were finally in Milos. Let’s enjoy everything.

And by the way, I almost forget the best part, it was my birthday !! Woke up at 4:30 AM but was so grateful to be here in Milos to celebrate.


This is the first restaurant I found when I did my little research before the trip and everyone told me it was a must-do in Milos. Here we are on my birthday night in Milos at this restaurant and let me tell you the sushis were incredible !! The best we ever had. This was our reward for the really long trip to finally land on this island.

26TH JULY 2021

The next day we were ready to discover another beach, this time again in the South because of the wind. We arrived at 9:30 AM and I have to say we were the only one at the beach and it was amazing. We laid down for the morning and when there were too many people we decided that we had enough sunshine and came back to the apartment to chill with the air condition.

When the sun comes down, we decided to visit one of the main village in Milos, called Plaka. So charming! With the heat, we then decided to have a drink and we found this cute little bar and they made us amazing cocktails.

When we arrived at this village I saw at the top a little chapel and I knew it will be an amazing sunset spot so I convinced Léa to go there and then to go have dinner. And this spot did not disappoint. I was speechless by this beauty and so grateful to be here.

27TH JULY 2021

I did not miss the famous moon beach called Sarakiniko beach. We decided to go see it in the morning because it was already so hot. It was incredible we didn’t expect a beach like that on the Island of Milos it’s like this is a separate and unique place here. This beach doesn’t look like any other beach. We walked around and then we decided to go eat at a special place I found in Adamantas.


I can’t describe how cute this place was and the people who work here so sweet. I just fell in love with their menu, I didn’t ever see like these before, the whole story of the restaurant was written inside like a little book with the menu in Greek and in English too. I tried a new plate with chickpea, you probably won’t believe me but it was a hot soup, it was really good and then we ordered some Greek salad, tzatziki, french fries. It was soo good I can’t recommend it enough if you go to Milos you have to go there!


When we were discussing and planning our trip I asked Léa what she thought about a boat day and she immediately agrees with my idea. I was a little bit skeptical with these boat companies as I wanted to go with someone not so much touristic and with too many people on the boat. The best idea I had is to book a Catamaran tour because I knew with my Santorini trip the kind of experience and it was amazing. After much research, I found the one and it was the best day ever for both of us. It was magical all day! There were so friendly and kind, there were two captains with us and we were like 15-20 people in a big Catamaran so each one of us has space to enjoy the day. The day before we had to do a Covid antigen test on our own, that was fun. Then we brought to them 24H before the boat trip.

We had to be at 10:45 AM at the port of Pollonia so it was perfect we didn’t have to worry about the car all day. We began our boat trip with the first stop and the best of the day. Poliegos Island, Ioannis explained to us that it’s a protected island and nobody lives there apart from animals. We understand why, it’s was unreal, this kind of pure beauty. I have never seen in my entire life crystalline water like this. Unreal, see from yourself.




We booked this amazing boat trip with Milos experience travel agency in Adamantas and we couldn’t be happier! They were so nice and we didn’t have the impression to be in a boat full of tourists like the others. They were friendly with us. We decided to pay the price but it was totally worth and we don’t regret at all. If you decided to go to Milos you have to book a boat tour that way you can see the island from another point view.

29TH JULY 2021

My friend Lea got earlier on the trip an isolation from the sun so she wasn’t at her best. We decided to go light with the sun the next day but it didn’t means that we didn’t enjoy our last days here in Milos. We were just more cautious. It was so windy that’s it’s kind of tricky because you can’t feel the sun as much as if it wasn’t windy at all. This morning we decided to discover another beach called Alogomandra and again it was beautiful and we were alone again. What a pleasure.

Then we decided to go back at Adamantas because we saw a really cute smoothie bowls bar and with the heat how nice this idea was? We took two different bowls but there were so tasteful, it was delicious. The name of the place is Garden the juice bar, in Adamantas. Then it was time to go back at the apartment because it was so hot in the afternoon.

Later that night we decided to go out for dinner, and to taste another Greek restaurant near the port of Pollonia. Yes we ate just next to the sea, it was amazing. This restaurant called Rifaki and it was delicious again, greek specialities are the best. We chose tzatziki, fried zucchinis, some veggies pasta for me and the Greek salad again.

30TH JULY 2021

This day I was all by myself, for the first time of the week. Léa didn’t felt well again, so she decided to rest at the apartment. I decided to go to a beach near Pollonia, it was at 3KM. But as you may not know, I don’t have a driving license, so I had to walk. Because there wasn’t any bus going at this beach. So I walk and I walk. It was not even 10 AM and the heat my god. But I did it and it was so worth it because again I was alone at that beach during all day. This beach was breathtaking really. To be honest I really enjoyed that time by myself because I learnt in the past years to enjoy my own company, it’s so important.

After a whole day of rest, I asked Léa if she was okay to go to Hanabi seaside sushi to cheer her up with sushis. She was in the mood so we went again. It was amazing we tried different sushis and it was so tasty. We enjoyed one of our last nights on the island.

31th JULY 2021

This was our last full day in Milos,  I was already sad to leave this incredible place. We decided to go back to the beach near our town because it was so quiet and there was nobody. We drove like five minutes and we were there. I found an umbrella on the beach for Léa so she will be not in the sun all day in the water and out the water. This time again we were all one and the beach was so beautiful. We spent the day here but before we decided to go to Adamantas to take breakfast, a smoothie bowl because with the heat we couldn’t eat anything warm. We go back to the same place we went to earlier on the trip and it was again so good.

Our last dinner on the island, we decided to see the sunset from the highest point of Milos one more time then a little cocktail and a really good dinner. This trip was so good for everything just escape our current routine since this pandemic, it was a challenge yes because we had some peripeties but it was all worth it. Can’t wait to travel again.

I hope you liked this little travel guide and I can’t recommend you enough to go to Milos. It’s amazing.