HIII ! A new short article about a new place to go for brunch, in Lausanne, I have already been at Perroquet bar & kitchen to try their breakfast with a friend, a month ago. If you missed it you can check on the blog, I wrote an article about it. But I wanted to post again about this place.

It was last Saturday, one of my close friend came back in town, because she was on an internship in France, so what a great place to eat some food and talk about all the news with my two girls ! We didn’t book before, and like weekdays are mostly full in Lausanne, we were worried if there will be some place available on a Saturday brunch time. But we were lucky, a great marble table was waiting for us ! Each of us took a different plate, the girls ordered some poached egg with avocado/salmon toast and some Croque Monsieur and I took the French toast with fruits and cream.

We liked all, great place, tasty food and amazing atmosphere again ! I usually don’t talk about money here, but honestly we paid like 20 francs per person, for a brunch with a drink. It’s really not expensive, for a country like Switzerland. Yummy and affordable what else do we need ? For a great brunch, go there !

You can eat breakfast all the day of the week, Monday-Friday and the weekend there is the brunch from 9AM-15PM, if I remember correctly. Take care !