I’m back on track on the blog ! Officially on vacation after a long month of revisions and exams. I’m ready to be more present on the blog and to explore the world during my summer break. So this new post is again all about food, as I’m a food lover !

Let’s begin this article seriously, so as my little city ; Vevey is growing and little shops, coffee shop and bar are opening, so this city start to be more interesting for food and drinks location.

A couple of days ago, my dear friend aka Manon Baud shared with me a new place in the city, the BREW, which opened two weeks ago. She told me about those incredible pancakes and recommended me to try them ASAP. Me being a good food taster and knowing that pancakes are life, I absolutely had to try them as soon as possible.

Between revisions session I granted myself a pancakes break with my bestie aka Mathilde Flury at the BREW café. But before that, let me tell you a little fun story. Manon had told me that they made the pancakes every day of the week. So last week i went with my other bestie Amanda for the first time.

We gently ask the waiter if it was possible to try the pancakes but unfortunately he told us that they made them only on Saturdays. That day was a MONDAY… We were so disappointed, but we still had a coffee which was really good.

This week i was really motivated to finally try them with my other partner in crime, we went a bit early because we were so hungry and when we decided to order the same waiter told us that the kitchen open at 10AM and it was 9:15AM…. But he didn’t told me this information the first time.

But… I did my sad eyes and he called the cookand she finally cooked for us the pancakes ! HONESTLY these pancakes are BOMB ! They are definitely in my TOP 3 !

They have two different pancakes, first one with fresh and dried banana, mayple sirup and nuts and the second type was cooked with orange flower chantilly and bacon. The perfect breakfast on a Saturday in town !

I will definitely come back and I have to try those poke bowls which look yummy and so delicious.I hope you enjoyed my new article about this new place in town ! xoxo.