I totally forgot to share with you, my incredible homemade 23rd birthday. Originally, my plan was to spend this day with my friend in this magical island called Milos, in Greece. But the Covid situation decided otherwise. I was so sad to not travel this summer, but it was the safest decision I made. We will see you next year Milos, I promise.

Not so much happy to spend my birthday here in Switzerland. I can’t explain why, but since forever I was used to spend all my birthdays away. This way my birthday was always somewhere around the Globe, this make me really happy. I had to think how I wanted to spend this day, in my hometown. I asked some of my close friends who was here this summer, if they wanted to come with me to brunch in the best foodie city, Zürich. They said yes ! I was so happy ! Hopefully they were available on the 25th July, so we decided to leave early, because it was Saturday and a pretty sunny day. My wish was to bring my friends here to discover Roots & Friends and their brunch !!

I wrote an email to them to see if it was possible to make a reservation because I knew how busy the place was especially on the weekends. They were so sweet when I told them it was for my birthday, they kindly make a reservation at their new place. It was not the same location like the first time, I came last year, but it doesn’t matter. One of my friends ask me « but the entire menu is vegan right ? » In my mind I remember that they had lots of plant-based options but I wasn’t sure if it was the entire menu. This friend was not at all plant-based, and I didn’t anticipate this, if it was a problem for her to try for the first time, something vegan. Fortunately, it was not a problem for her, oufff.

As I expected, this brunch was a huge success, like in my memories from last year. This brunch was approved by all my three besties !! We ordered each a plate and then we decided to take one to share. I can’t describe how everything was delicious, you only need to see for yourself. The quick getaway was 100% worth it ! Then we walked around the city, sat in a Park to chill down, then we were a bit hungry again just before leaving town, so we stopped at the Juicery 21, another huge favorite location.