Early this month, I went to Zürich to spend the day with my bestie, Amanda. There is a foodie reason for sure, she always talked about this brunch she went with her family each time they’re visited her sister. For her, it’s her number one in town so I wanted to try it of course. But let face it, the cost to go to Zürich is so pricey… You think twice before going for brunch there. She had the cute idea for my birthday gift to invite me for brunch. YAY!

We found a date that matches for each of us and we were going to Zürich. I went to the city desk to buy a daily train card, so you can go anywhere you want in Switzerland for a day. It was worth it. We took the train early to arrive at 10:30AM perfect timing for a Saturday brunch.

Let me tell you, the place looks great, it’s inside a building on the ground floor and below there is a fitness place. When you’re inside you can look behind a window on the floor while everyone doing crunches, haha but you’re eating a tasty brunch. I liked the vibes : cute and cosy. We had a reservation of course because it was full and they don’t have so many tables. If you want to try this brunch, you must make a reservation.

My bestie advice me on which plate was good and we decided to pick three plates and share. Food sharing is essential during a brunch. We decided to order the pancakes, an açai bowl, and some avocado bagel. WOW, if I have to decide what was the best for me, it’s definitely the pancakes, so good there were with coco yogurt, granola, and red berries coulis.

But I can’t talk bad about the rest because, the açai bowl was amazing too, it was a real one. Let me explain why I write that. This summer we tried some açai bowl in a place we like, and it was not what we hoped, so chemical !! But this one was so real and so tasty. To finish with the bagel, it was yummy and fresh, I was full after these three delish plates. To drink Amanda ordered the matcha latte and I already drunk a coffee on the train so I was more in a juice mood with lots of vitamins!

Yes there is too many pictures for just one brunch but I couldn’t just decide between only 3. I have to put more like always. After an amazing brunch, we walked around the city and did some shopping. Between shops we stopped at a Café called HITL to take a break and have some caffeine shots. This is a cute restaurant above a shopping center so they have their own rooftop terrace. We decided to enjoy the place and drink our coffee in the rooftop.

Then we were hungry again and we decided to have an early dinner here in Zürich before heading back home. Obviously I saw Amanda’s sister story on Instragram when she was at a Vietnamese restaurant in the city and I saw this marble bar, I couldn’t resist proposing to my bestie to eat there. We both love Asiatic food so we were happy with this place.

It was so good and the place was cute too. She ordered a noodle/vegetable plate and I tried their vegan curry with vegetable too. There was just one word and I’m totally honest with you, amazing food. At the end we were full but I needed something sweet but I couldn’t order a dessert to eat by myself neither Amanda. So we saw in front of us some cute mini cupcakes and we just ordered one to try, again it was so good. Just a bit of sweet.

(SORRY for the bad lighting and so the quality of these pictures, definitely not happy about these. But I had to show you what we had the chance to eat that night.)