There is a reason why today on my food/travels blog you will find an article about emotions and mental health as well as my food health category. I have a true love for the food and traveling around the globe but recently different kind of events in my life and some questions I have been asked to myself explain the reason for this new article.

How I’ve questioned myself about emotions topics was my skin problem for ages, acne. When you did all the tests and try every new cream and medicine on the market, you begin to be out of answers and remedy. I truly tried everything possible without any positive signs. Only people with skin problems like me can understand. Others can understand with some empathy but they don’t live with this disease. Yeah, it’s a skin disease. Nobody even doctors or dermatologists will talk that way but in the medical books, it’s written this way. No one takes this problem like an actual one, everyone will tell you « it’s puberty, it will pass, wait. » like I already wrote in my first article about the acne theme.

But the real issue is that all specialists will prescribe a cream or a treatment without telling you why you have this skin problem. They’re not interested about the cause. It’s a real problem I think, because here I’m talking about skin problem but if you think about it, it’s almost for everything the same. The first thing your doctor will talk to you about will be the prescription he’ll want you to take to solve your problem not the question why did you have this in the first place. Today, in our society I think it’s a major issue, doctors are supposed to be someone you want to trust, and listen right ? I don’t describe myself as a specialist about the subject but with the books I already read, I can tell you that everybody can make their own research with books, podcasts and so many different way. If you want to educate yourself about health in general you can do it by your own. You don’t have to wait for your doctor to tell you what move you have to make. They don’t have superpowers, they have an amount of undeniable knowledge that’s for sure. But that not means that you cannot understand your problem on your own with support.

Last year, I thought about this skin problem that was a big deal for me. Every day I had to accept that my skin was not clear at all. I cannot go out without makeup, it was in my head I know. But I couldn’t do anything to stop myself thinking about what others will see, obviously my acne first. It was so red and inflamed. It’s all in the head, but it’s so powerful for your thoughts, it takes all your thinking. It becomes such a big thing. In this case you have two solutions either you decide to accept it  or you don’t want to live with it and try harder to find the right cause. It was impossible for me to accept the fact that nobody qualified as a dermatologist could help me, they were only interested in the money or the symptoms. But the cause nobody talked to me about it once. Yes, I heard : it’s probably the stress. So yes everybody has stress in their life but it doesn’t means that it’s the cause for each physical problem you have.

The time arrived when I had to be honest with myself and I finally came to the conclusion that I will never find a real body or organ issue that will  explain everything from the beginning. So I asked myself about the link between emotions, feelings and mental health.


I wanted something about emotions and obviously, I got emotional while reading this awesome book. The person who advised me to read it was my bestie, the one who talked and gave me the evidence about how a plant-based diet can improve your life. So yeah, it’s a very interesting subject I think and nobody talks or seems to care about how your emotions can affect your health in general. Because there aren’t many researches and you can’t have a general issue. You have to take some perspective and be open-mind. Today humans are less open than they will tell you. They don’t ask for a cause to their problem to understand the whole thing but they immediately ask for the solution. The truth is that it’s so much deeper and complicated than that.

Your emotions are priceless, you have to live them and heal them to be able to enjoy your life at your best. Some people like me always thought that the best solution was to keep all inside but in fact, it’s the worst ever. Your body can’t work properly with all the energies from these emotions without having an impact. Of course, your head can tell you to forget about this event or about this thing your mom yelled at you yesterday, but your body will keep that information and use it, neither you think that it will be already in the past.

I wanted to know how emotions work in your body. How your body will react if you got frustrated or scared for example. Because your body has the power to work in balance all the time even with all the new information you gave to him everyday. And I swear Daniel Goleman gave me all the answers I could ask for.

My trigger element was one that I didn’t was prepared for and that happened without explanation. In each part of your life, you just have to deal on your own way and to process with it. Everybody reacts differently and you have to respect that and not being judging about it. Each person is different and unique. Don’t doubt about yourself because others are questioning your way of reacting. Nobody has the right to be emotionally superior to somebody else, no one has the right to pretend to have the answer for yourself, the only one that have this power is you. You are the only person to know you the best. So stop doubt about that.