Last Sunday was a brunch day with my bestie Amanda. I always have a list about locations I want to discover around and there was this pretty new place called L’impression, based in Lausanne. I discovered it one day when I was coming back to the station after school. I have already been there to drink a coffee on their terrasse but it was the first time I was going for brunch. Amanda already went one time and she told me the menu was good so I was excited to try.

We decided to share like always, we each took something salty, she asked for the bagel and I took the traditional avocado toast and then we couldn’t resist about the pancakes. She told me so many good things about them. She was right, everything was delicious, we didn’t wait that much time, it was pretty fast and really good choices.

The location is pretty small so they put as much as possible tables, for me, it was too much, we were really close to each table next to us, but it’s personal. The staff was really friendly and that’s means everything for me. Because Switzerland sometimes rhymes with cold people. That wasn’t the case here. We enjoyed our time and we even took the time to talk after we finished our plates. On the weekday’s brunch locations are really popular so normally you have to eat and then leave because there are several services.

If you’re looking for a new brunch location, I definitely recommend this restaurant called L’impression, in Lausanne.