As my year did not go as planned I had to think about how I will organize it. The only thing I was sure about like every year, is my birthday week. Since I was a kid I always have the chance to celebrate my birthday in other countries. The first one were in Greece, my hometown from my grandmother. Since I was old enough to travel on my own, I took the opportunity to leave the country with my close friends. This year I asked my bestie Léa if she wanted to go on vacation with me somewhere. We did a pretty a good job during the Montreux Jazz Festival it was really intense. So we had the best idea to take a week off after this crazy work.


During the summer season let’s be honest it’s every time harder to choose a country/city to go. Everywhere the prices are so high. For only one week we didn’t want to spend more than 2-3 hours on the airplane because with all the lost time in between the check-in etc you lose like one day.

So were searching somewhere between Spain, Greece or even Italy. I wanted to go in the first place to a Greek Island called Ios but the cost for just one flight ticket was crazy. Then we talked about Spain and then came the city of Ibiza. We never go there but my parents and my little sister went last year for the staff trip of my father’s restaurant and they told me that it was a great surprise for everyone. But I had in my mind this idea of partying in Ibiza so I was skeptical and Léa too.

I began to spend so time to search what we can do on this pretty small island and the two of us wanted just one chill week to relax, that’s was the vibe. EAT.BEACH.TAN.SLEEP.AND.REPEAT. I found on Instagram some amazing beaches and cute spots to eat and we decided to go there. But we were like we will found out if we like only when we will be there so we weren’t so sure about our choice. It was an amazing destination I swear we were so surprised to like this much Ibiza. I think either you like it or you do not like it. It was lit!!


Obviously, we first talked about because of this location, this amazing hotel in San Antonio. We scrolled their Instragram account for days before making a reservation. It was a very pricey hotel but we were like this will be the only week off during our entire summer so why not make a crazy booking once ? We did it and it was a good choice ! So nice in real !

We arrived late and we had to take our nice little Fiat 500 before doing the late check-in it was not a problem for them, so a good point. Our room was on the second floor we didn’t have the chance to have a pool view but didn’t matter because either we spend the whole day at the beaches or we were chilling by the pool. We loved our room the only negative point was that we didn’t have any place to put our clothes and stuff so for two girls it was a bit disappointing.

We enjoyed our stay in this place, the staff was nice and helpful when we needed, we just had some issue with the cleaning of our room each day. We thought that for the price we paid, we didn’t found that the cleaning was good. The only bad point about this hotel. We had the breakfast included, it was good but not incredible with many choices and since I’m plant-based despite some bread and jam and of course fruits I didn’t have much other choices. But again it was our review. The great point during our stay it was that every day we could take our own beach towel so for our chill beach time that was perfect.


After trying for the first time the breakfast at the hotel, we were so hungry and the reason why it’s because we arrived so late and then we went straight to sleep before eating anything. In the morning I woke up so early despite the fact I was tired just because I was so hungry and then I thought that we didn’t eat dinner last night and that explains everything ! I had to wait for 9AM and that was the longest time of the week to wait. HAHA


The first beach was just next to our Paradiso Art hotel, we were for like 10 min on the road. This beach called Cala Comte and it’s speechless. We arrived early and it was a good choice, because around 12PM-1PM it’s already too late. We began our tan session just there, we were so pale. The water was so clear, it was so beautiful. You just have to see the proof by the pictures. So this beach was a 10/10 !


Our next stop was just 5 minutes away by walk to the Cala Comte beach, so perfect timing for another dip in the sea on the afternoon. We got a little bit hungry after so much tanning session and bath so we found a cute food spot and we decided to be spontaneous and try it. It was so delicious I ordered the veggie burger and Léa ate the falafel, so yummy. To activate my tan I drank an orange, carrot and apple juice, so fresh and tasty. This beach was our favorite I liked the first one but look at this one :


To end the day, we decided to go to this beach called Cala Tarida but unfortunately, it was not the best choice. Because at the end of the day the beach was crowed of course and it was a really touristic one. And the last thing we didn’t have any shadow so the sun was slowly burning our skin…for the first day at the beach… not a good idea.

For our first dinner in Ibiza we tried the Sunset Ashram, we went at 22PM just after the sunset because it was already fully booked for the sunset time. So we came in advance, next to the restaurant for the sunset, you can sit on the rock. It was an incredible first sunset. I have to tell you it was so good what we ate. I chose a vegan plate with so many vegetables and rice, I couldn’t help myself to finish it. Léa took the Chicken Pad Thai. There were such good vibes with a female DJ it was so cool !


This was my day, I waited all the year for (haha). We woke up so excited to try for the first time the Passion Café, who this one is just 10 min away from our hotel. There is 5 of them cute foodie spots all around the island, so you literally have the whole choice. We arrived just when they opened like the crazy foodies girls that we are.

The place was so cute, white and beach vibes, wow, I’m in love. And I can’t tell you how many choices you have when I saw the menu I was like we have to come back like 5 times to try all of this. We decided to order some vegan avocado toasts, banana pancakes and an açai bowl called « CHUNKY MONKEY ». But the waiter stops us right away with humor and told us that was too much for just the two of us, but I told to him that we were hungry and big eaters but it was his advice. Léa as the safer partner agreed to him and we were waiting for our two orders. And I have to admit he was right, it was a perfect choice. We were full but in a good way.

Let me tell you, that was the best avocado toast I ever eat, with vegan feta, omg. I love feta but since I start to eat plant-based, I didn’t have the chance again to find in Switzerland alternative to my lova greek feta. The Chunky Monkey was a bomb, I’m not a regular peanut butter eater but this time I really liked, there was some banana and açai with chocolate.

The last thing about this amazing café, is that since I’m plant-based I changed my milk with my ritual morning coffee and in Switzerland, I tried all of the alternatives without finding the best one for me and this morning I drank the best oatly cappuccino ever. It was so good that I asked the cute waiter what brand they were using. He told that they work with Oatly brand but the barista edition and let me tell you that makes all the difference. Because in the past I bought this oatly milk but I was not convinced or maybe it was my coffee not good enough. But I’m sure it’s the barista recipe, the difference. That was my little morning story, that made my day. haha


After a good breakfast, we took the road to our next beach, called this time Cala Salada up on the North of the island. What a cute little beach, this was quite an expedition to get there. We were driving to the beach when someone stops us just before the final arrival and he told us that the parking just next to the beach was already full so we had to go back like the others. We went back but we have to find free parking and find a way to get there. But we find a parking just next to a bus station specific to this beach. That was just perfect. 10/10

We arrived at 12PM, so perfect timing it was not already full we got the chance to find a cute spot and we spend the first part of the afternoon there. I loved this beach, touristic like all the beaches but not so much we have all our own space. For my special day I have the lucky chance to meet a jellyfish, I just accidentally touched her, but it was not so hurtful.


Our next location was this hotel, I cannot find the right words to describe this feeling. We were just speechless, that was my perfect hotel vibes. From the entrance to the restaurant, to the pool and finally to the view it was just speechless.

We chill out for like two hours, there was just us it was so peaceful. What a perfect day to be here, to spend my 22 years old. We got a bit hungry after our first bath and then a long ride to this beauty, so we ordered so pink hummus we didn’t go crazy because every view has his price… I’ll be back for sure, but with a lot more money in my bank account.


After our relaxing breathtaking view, we decided to try a foodie spot for dinner and I was thinking about a restaurant called Keto Kitchen who was not much far from where we were. But I was wrong and I put another restaurant thinking about the location of the first one. So we’ve been to Retro Gusto who is in Eivissa town, before fuel ourselves we decided to walk around and did some shopping. But of course, we were walking and I found a cute açai bowl spot so I couldn’t pass and pretending I didn’t see it. I eat a big açai bowl as a starter because in less than an hour later we had the dinner reservation waiting for us. haha

Retro Gusto – DINNER SPOT

I found this restaurant on Instagram and their account is like crazy, you got hungry each time go see it. We begin with two starters some focaccia bread and tomatoes and the other one was some eggplant with cheese. I had to try out the two of them despite the second one wasn’t vegan. Huge fan of both. Then Léa got the burger and I took an amazing salad. So big I couldn’t finish it. It was so delicious.


Another day, another beach day. I had some amazing beaches in the South to see. In the morning we went to test out a new breakfast location called Keto Kitchen, like the keto diet. And then we went to the beach. Another cute spot, I loved the decoration inspiration and of course the food. We took this time some keto pancakes with fruits, an açai bowl and some avocado toast for a change. The pancakes had some weird texture but good taste and everything was delicious. Definitely a place to recommend and the staff were really nice.


After refueling ourselves we had to try a new beach spot, so we went to Cala Xaracca I found this one on Pinterest, that’s weird where to find a beach. But what a beach … The most peaceful place we ever found in Ibiza. We were there pretty early so this was perfect timing. We did some tanning session and photoshoot.

Then we went to another beach spot, this one is called Cala Benirras. We wanted to stay for the sunset but we were tired of laying on the beach, yes you can be tired of doing nothing and it was a very cloudy day so we decided to go to Eivissa for dinner. This beach was not totally worth it, maybe it was because of the weather but it was not my favorite one. A lot of people too.


We arrived in Eivissa late afternoon and let me tell you the real challenge is to find a damn parking place, we literally turn around for maybe like 10 minutes and then we pass next to the « Marina of Ibiza » with all the expensive yachts and there Is of course a private parking not free that as obvious. We were desperate to find a place so we decided to park there and then to pay the high price.

We had dinner at another Passion Café, but this time not for brekkie but dinner. Again a really cute location, same menu and again so much hard choices. Both of us took the burger, but I went for the vegan one. OMG, I never eat a vegan burger like this, it is honestly my top one ! With some homemade fresh fries, so yummy. Weirdo but we drank some cappuccino with our burgers, I couldn’t not drink one, because of this tasty oat milk. We couldn’t order some dessert because we were so full. The staff again really gentle and cute by the way ! We found out that the waiter was, in fact, French, haha.


After this amazing dinner, we went back by foot to the Eivissa’s port and we wanted to try this ice cream place called Vivi’s creamery and let me tell you that if you are here in Ibiza for vacation, during the summer you have to try these ice creams. So good so good ! They have some awesome flavors and vegan ones as well.


After three full days of tanning session and a little burn for me, we wanted to take a break from the sun. First, we chill out by the pool at the hotel and eat breakfast. Then we got prepared and went to town to do some shopping. It’s really cute around the port and with the many yachts. It’s, of course, a touristic city so not every alley is cute but the way to Eivissa’s Castell there are super cute. You can find the usual little touristic shops with many memories but I always find them so kitchy. We got hungry for something sweet, so for the second time we went to Vivi’s creamery but this time we took some smoothies. It was so yummy.


We were pretty tired after our shopping and of course hungry, so that day we decided to eat super early, we not wanted to ask ourself where we would eat so guess what we came back to our favorite, Passion Café Marina. For the second time, again yes. Léa this time took a healthy salmon salad and me I was just a little bit hungry so I ordered the same starter that we got the first time, and yes it was not vegan at all because it was some Halloumi sticks. But so good tho.

Then we decided to enjoy the sunset and climb to the Eivissa’s Castel, it’s like 10-15 min by walk and at the end worth it. This point of view is amazing you can see all Eivissa’s town within bonus the sunset. I’m a sunset lover so I was happy. I’m recommending this spot ! 10/10


The end is almost there, ugh… But today’s a new day and a new beach day again ! We had some beaches to try before leaving this beautiful island.

We woke up and eat breakfast at the hotel and then we were ready to bath and tan. The first beach called Sa Caleta and this beach was so beautiful it was a rocky one and some much more waves than the others. Again we didn’t find a parking near the beach so we parked like 10 min away and then we walked and saw just next to the beach the parking… Two blondies haha.

10/10 for this beach the only con is that at 15PM you didn’t have shadow anymore and with this sun you better have some shadow. Then we decided to change the location, another beach.


This beach was gonna be our last one on the island, and I waited to come there. Especially to watch from my eyes this rock called Es Vedrà, it’s so famous that you must see it when you’re in Ibiza. We came in the afternoon, so there were tourists but we found someplace to sit.

Let me tell you the beach was amazing it was so impressive to see Es Vedrà in front of us. Of course, there is a myth behind this rock, there are many but I liked this one it says that this rock is full of energies and it is literally a magnetic field. Apparently, there are good energies and even a lucky rock. We spend our afternoon there and then we wanted to see the sunset again but I had the idea that we’ll have a much better view from the parking because it was just next to the beach but upper. And we found the perfect spot, the best one from all we ever found, I swear.


Today was our last full day and we keep the best for the end, the paradise called us. It was so simple we took some fast boat ticket, in 25-30 min you’re there. Then we had the choice between a scooter or bicycles, clearly, we were both more secure with the second choice.

So when we arrived we got our bicycles and were ready to get to the beach called Playa Illetes, we parked our bikes and my dear friend Léa locked them with a lock given by the agency. But, yes there is a but, she was telling to herself that she didn’t want to put the key to her bag right now so she kept in her hands during our 10 min walk to the beach.

Then we arrived at the beach we were literally speechless in front of the water so she jumps to make a video of the clearest water I ever saw. Here the drama came, she dropped and lost the key… I didn’t have the time to put down my beach towel when she looked at me and scream : I can’ find the key !

So we were looking everywhere and we thought that we’re gonna find it because it was a black one and with the beige sand it all make sense, right ? Yeah, well no.. We didn’t find after a 20 min searching walk.

She called the man from the agency and explain the situation and at first, he didn’t understand he told us, « no worries come back at the end of the day with the bikes, no worry about the key ». But the real problem was that we locked them and couldn’t come back at the start point. When he realized the real situation, he came within 10 min with his scooter and save our asses.

A real gentleman came with a saw, so I was thinking in my head that we weren’t the first one with this kind of awkward situation… He gave a new key and look at both of us and told us to really keep this one until we come back, haha. That was our fun story to tell when the trip was over.


I never ever seen a water so clear, that was paradise, really. We enjoyed so much our time on this other island, called Formentera. You have to come there and experiment this kind of beach that you can’t find anywhere.

That was our perfect ending, I spend the most relaxing week in my entire life, we enjoyed so much both of us. Far away from our worries and fears, that was just a « break » from our routine life. I’m so grateful to have been there with my bestie Léa, we had so much fun without any fights. We were on the same page about this chill vacation and it’s so important to want the same thing when you travel.

Our own life is so short, you have to own your life and spend it how you want to. Nobody can live it for you, everything depends on you. My mind has a lot changed since a short period of time and it’s all because of a book. I will soon speak about on the blog, because it has changed so many things for me. Keep going and enjoy your time, it’s so precious. xoxo