I don’t know when exactly, but for some time I started to work on myself for myself and my overall health. Within the years of reading these self-development books, the first thing I learned is to love yourself first in order to give all the love you’re willing to give.

That’s the purpose, right? It’s all about sharing love. It also means working on you to achieve a better version of yourself is a massive job to do. It’s not healthy to put all of this behind and try to live your life without giving it real attention. It will pop at your face each time until you’ll realize and be ready to finally go through all of this. That requires some massive energy and self-respect to put the effort to work on yourself and take the time apart from your family/friends circle. It means that when you’re doing it, you do not need to explain yourself to others in order to have compassion, to have understanding, and validation. Because remember you’re doing it for yourself in the first place. As long as you know the why’s and the purpose of this process you’re in the right direction.

At first, I thought it was a good idea to give you my recommendations with my opinion about each self-development book I read. But when I was reading my article I found it boring and flat. My point was to make it personal and share with you my thoughts about these books in general and how they impact my life. That’s what I’m gonna do instead.

The first one I have in mind is « The brain and Emotional Intelligence » written by David Goleman. I discover this incredible book from my bestie and in fact, it was his father that speaks so much about it to her and she shared his thoughts with me too. You can be feared by the size of the book but I’ll tell you don’t be because what’s inside is worth all the pages.

He explains with passion what’s emotional intelligence and how it affects your daily life. The best part is how to improve this emotional intelligence in order to have a more conscious life. Because let’s be fully honest your parents didn’t learn you that and neither school and in my opinion that’s a big shame because we need to be aware of our own emotional intelligence and how to use it to live a healthy mentally and physically.

Emotional intelligence – David Goleman

Now I want to talk to you about a really special book that if years ago someone will advised me to read I’m pretty sure by the title I would say « I’m not interested in this topic, but thanks ». This book is called « Conversations with God » by Neal Donald Walsch and I don’t know how to start in order to describe this. Once again, my bestie, Mathilde share with me her faith and how this endless theme goes. That’s when I started to be open-minded and interested in this topic and I was ready to read this book. There are in fact three books but you can buy 3 in one and for the easy read part I went to buy the bigger version. I will be honest I was a little bit skeptical at first because it was my first time reading a book like this but I was curious I guess and Mathilde talk so good about it.

The thing I liked the most is that this book is built like a real conversation and the author explains that one day he felt different and he started speaking with someone, with God and he began to write this trilogy. He asked all the questions he had in mind about everything in this world and his history as well. Then God answered with his personal response. I think that this book has brought me so much open-mindedness and clarity as well. It has cleared so much of my personal thoughts and I can finally move on about certain things. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think that the moment I began reading this book, it was because I was ready for it and for everything that it will bring me while reading it.


My next recommendation is the book I just finished last week called « How to do the work » written by Dr. Nicole LePera. I just came by this one on Instagram. She shared her story and how to live with trauma and deal with our emotions. As a specialist, Dr. Nicole found herself frustrated with the limits of Western medicine and she wanted to give more to her patients. Her journey began and that’s how the « Holistic Psychologist » was born. She shares with us how our own experiences impact our body and our mind and the process to reverse and learn to go through it. I was really connected with her words and they really hit me, it was the perfect timing for me to read this book.