For this new decade, I decided to give you a full review of my last trip of 2019. With all that happened last year, I was so ready to end this year. I had two weeks off during Christmas, I wanted to go away and to end the year in a good way. I had the desire to visit Stockholm during the Winter season, so I asked my main blondie girl aka Léa Gov’ if she wanted to be my travel buddy again. We already have the chance to travel together two times, first, it was London and last Summer, Ibiza for my birthday.

At that time when I told her about my idea she wasn’t feeling the Christmassy vibe, that I was feeling for Stockholm. But I know me and my character pretty well and succeed to persuade her to go there with me. She trusted me.


We didn’t make an early reservation on flights so we didn’t have much choice and chance about the price… But we thought about it and the reason why we decided to put the money on the table for the flights it’s because I fund an amazing hotel with a good opportunity during this season. We paid like 230CHF each, but when you think about it, it’s still a 3 hours flight. I didn’t thought that Sweden was in fact so far away from Switzerland.

THE mistake we made both of us was that we didn’t want to pay an extra amount to have checked luggage, we had only two small suitcases… Bad idea, we are two shopping girls. It’s so frustrating because in reality, you can’t put anything in these.


BLIQUE BY NOBIS HOTEL, Gävlegatan 18 Stockholm

I found this nugget on the booking website just before I saw the Bank Hotel that I really liked but let me tell you that the prices were really high and not affordable for us at all. We weren’t ready to put that much money with our high flight prices. I read some really good comments about this location and personally, I didn’t pay much attention to it but Léa did. I was just in love by looking at the picture on the website. We booked this hotel for four nights and in total we paid 188CHF each and this is a 4*. Just WOW and I’m convincing you with some pictures.

Our flight was the first one on the timetable, joke but very early ! But in the end, it was a good idea because like this we had one more full day! We arrived at 9.30AM and let me tell you everything here in Stockholm is well explained. I’m talking about which bus/train you have to take to be around the city center. We were hungry so we decided to take the fast train called Arlanda Express within just 20 minutes you’ll be in the center. But everything has a price like here in Switzerland, we had to pay 30CHF!! It’s expensive yes but we were so excited to eat so that’s why.

We found really easy our hotel and did the check-in just for our luggage because it was too early for the bedroom to be ready for us. We were ready to fill our stomach !! For our first breakfast, I found a vegan location called STLHM RAW, really cute. At the moment we were so hungry that when we decided to order we literally asked too much. Firstly we ate an giant smoothie ball, some pancakes, three different sweets, a smoothie and of course two coffees. I have to say it was so good ! Everything was incredible ! To be honest we couldn’t succeed to eat all.


After an amazing breakfast, we were ready to explore the city. At that time we just wanted to walk around the city and do a little shopping. One thing I noticed is that this city is under construction almost everywhere. Despite the old town and some roads I didn’t have much-taken photos of Stockholm’s outdoor. We did the shopping center area where all Swedens were ready to shop for their Christmas gifts.

Unfortunately, we were tired early during the afternoon because we just slept like two hours the previous night. So we were both okay to return at the hotel to try for the first time the SPA area to activate the comfy mode. It was just perfect we had the SPA to ourselves, the right timing ! Then we got ready to eat dinner out. I was so excited because the Vegan place I found was woow on Instagram. We were impatient to try the food there. I was worried to get a table without a reservation and I saw that we can book online so I did. Fortunately, we made a reservation because when we arrived the place was full ! But after eating dinner we knew why ! SO TASTY!!


We order different starters to share, all the menu was vegan, how happy I was ! We ordered some broccolis’ fondue, crispy cauliflowers, and some sweet potatoes fries. Then it was time to eat some burgers, I took the « basic » vegan hamburger and Léa took another one with a different sauce. WOW WOW SO YUMMY I TELL U !

Everything was so tasty, to be honest, I was so curious to try the broccolis’ fondue because as Swiss citizens well we know pretty much everything about it. It was a really good choice. I wasn’t as excited about the other starter but it was good too. The burgers were insane, I swear !!



We started with the best part of the day again, breakfast in an Hawaaïan location in Stockholm called Mahalo. We decided to get up early to have time to enjoy breakfast and then explore the city. We arrived at the location surely early because we had almost the place to ourselves.

When we saw the menu we were so happy with all the choice for breakfast, we didn’t have that kind of luck in Switzerland especially for breakfast. All on the menu were vegan, miam.

I decided to go with something salty for a change, an avocado sandwich with some tomatoes and a salad. Obviously, I had to get something sweet so I ordered a coconut yogurt bowl with passion fruit and coulis, coconut flakes and some raspberries. It was delicious, really.

My friend wanted something salty too, so she went with a scramble « egg » with tomatoes and a salad on the side. I have to say it wasn’t egg but oh my god when you look at the picture you think it was like an egg, when you smell it you think too and when you eat too. But no eggs, just tofu. I tried and I’m not a tofu fan in general but I have to admit it was surprisingly good ! So yummy that I decided to cook the same recipe this Sunday for my homemade brunch at home.

Then she wanted something sweet too, so she asked for the banana bread and OH my god ! The best ever, it came with a coconut cream so smooth like a cloud and some apples with cinnamon, you have to try to understand, the three things together, just wow !


We both wanted to do something cultural during our Christmassy excursion but let me be honest with you I was never the person who when at school we went to visit some museum I was happy about it. Maybe because I was too young or the bad museum’s choice by the teacher, I don’t know. But during my searches, I found this museum about photography and Amanda told me about too, my Swedish bestie by the way.

After fueling our stomach we were ready to explore the city and the museum. We were right about the timing because we went in the morning, that day it wasn’t full and I swear to have the museum almost to yourself, is the best. Clear mind with no sounds around you. The architecture of this museum was « old » on the outside like an old factory but the inside so clean and fresh.

We really enjoyed spending some time to discover this museum, definitely a must-see if you’re coming to Stockholm.

I’m not gonna show you all of the exhibits but just ones of my fav’ two completely different photographers.

We spend almost two hours inside the museum so when we got out it was well passed lunch time but we weren’t hungry at all. We decided to walk by the city and especially the famous old town called Gamla Stan. I loved this part of the city it was so charming and with the Winter season and the Christmas market, definitely the good time to come visit. These roads were full of charm.

At the end of our second day away from home, we were pretty tired of walking, so we decided to come back to our hotel and getting ready for dinner. Since last year I’m transitioning to plant-based diet but I made this decision like a process, I know myself and I couldn’t do it overnight. Today I eat 99% plant-based food but yes someday I allow myself my favorite treat, sushis. It’s the hardest part of my process, so I don’t judge myself and if once a month I want to go out with my friends to eat sushis, for now, I will do it. Anyway this transition I do it for myself and nobody else.

That night we booked a sushis restaurant that we found on Instagram and the sushis were incredible on the pictures. We imagined this restaurant like a big and famous place but in reality, it was a cute little location that we almost didn’t find it, haha. The staff was so friendly and gentle we asked if it was possible to have the Chef menu, that means they choose all the sushis for you but we really wanted to try some on the other menu but they told us that it would be too much for just the two of us. So they changed the Chef menu and they incorporate those we wanted, so cute.

I’m now gonna show you the pictures, and I don’t need to explain myself about this dinner, just incredible. Cute location and look at this sushis plate. Definitely my top 1 restaurant in Stockholm, you must try it when you go there.


That part of the trip is what I was much excited about because nowhere else where I have been before I saw these subway art stations. In reality, we felt really safe in the underground of Stockholm, you don’t have that kind of feeling everywhere. Like a good Instagrammer, I searched for the stations that I wanted to see and take pictures, then we looked at the map and decided how we will see these. I read that it’s less crowded in the night so we decided to go after our sushis dinner. It was a really good idea. We were almost alone at each stop. We both enjoyed doing this little night excursion, it was fun. There are my fav’.






One day before Christmas Eve but it was already difficult to find a location to eat because the Swedish people are very into Christmas time and a lot of places were closed at the time we were there.. But I had this in mind so I previously checked which places were open when, to have the possibility to try them all. This morning we were ready to try a new foodie place called Greasy Spoon, again cute and friendly location with amazing staff, it’s the Swedish vibes.

I loved how the place looked, it was really stunning. We were both hungry as usual. We got our own habit to order a meal each and a third one, like that we can share everything. Léa was dreaming since the beginning of this trip about French toasts, her dream become real and I got myself their vegan pancakes, finally, we ordered an avocado toast with some feta. MAMAMIA, it was a pure food orgasm. Look at that. I don’t care if the pictures look the same, I couldn’t choose.



We decided to go see this amazing Public Library in the center of Stockholm city, we just entered and looked around. We were so upset that our library at home didn’t look like this one. I liked to see this public location because the space was amazing but for travelers, it’s not a must-see if you’re not interested in books or public buildings.


For this dinner we were into pizza mood so we checked were the good one were and we found this spot. It’s inside a mall and you have literally every country food you want. We chose two different pizzas, I got the vegan one which was yummy and I don’t remember which one Léa got but a good one too. I recommend this place, first, you choose which food you want and then you can sit where you want.


We were prepared for this holiday day, we booked in advance a Wellness retreat at the Camper downtown Hotel. I just saw this SPA in an article and I fell in love. It was a day package which includes a lunch, some beauty goodies and you can spend all day there even if you’re not staying at the hotel. Fortunately, it was pricey but look at this place, there are no words, we had the best time here. So if you are looking for relaxation in high up in the city, you have found the right SPA.

There was only a sauna like in our hotel but there was an amazing overflowing swimming pool in the outside part of the SPA, speechless. Then you can lay down whenever you want, there were plenty lounge chairs. We arrived at the best time, around 11AM and the SPA wasn’t full at all. Later yes, there was people from the hotel for sure but not too much. We spent our Christmas Eve day here and so happy about it.

After a good SPA day, we decided to come back to our hotel to get dressed and then we wanted to come back to the Camper downtown hotel for dinner as they still had a place for us. It was a Christmas buffet. I’m not a buffet fan but at that time of the year we didn’t have much choice, pretty all restaurants in the city were closed. But let me tell you this buffet was so good, I got all the veggies I could possibly eat, we did two rounds, oops.



I hope you loved this long foodie article about Stockholm, during the writing process I was just reminding myself about how good it was. I’m definitely coming back to Stockholm soon.