When I’m patiently waiting for the heat season to come, I’m always trying to find new brunch’s location to taste and I have a special one for you !

I have waited for so long to try this place, firstly I already knew Crazywolf and I had written my first article on the blog about their amazing burgers (CHECK THE FOOD SPOTS TO FIND THE POST) and secondly, since it’s so popular on brunch’s days. You have literally to call one week in advance before have the chance to book a reservation. To tell you I called them three times before I have finally been lucky. Today was my lucky day ! We had our reservation at 11.30AM, so perfect timing.

They have a special menu for brunch’s days, with several formulas for everyone, you have the choice between so much dishes, like pancakes (of course), eggs, muesli, avocado toast, hummus toast, sausage with potatoes, bread and jam etc. The good solution is to take a formula, because you don’t have just one dish but two, for example my bestie ordered « The Fit » so she had some avocado toasts with eggs (2x), pancakes (3x) and a muesli. That’s crazy right ? And she also drank a café latte, all that for only 30CHF. Myself, I ordered two individuals dishes because in every formulas they had animals food so since I’m almost plant-based, I chose the hummus toast (2x) and the pancakes.

I have to say, I’m impressed, that was a really good brunch, everything was so yummy and tasty ! We were both agree on this ! The pancakes were sweet but not to much, perfect size and texture, and the hummus toasts soo good. My friend really like her dishes’ choice, the muesli was made with some blueberries, apples, yoghurt, granola and maple sirup, delicious she said ! There was only good points and the staff were really friendly. I enjoyed like last time the atmosphere of the place, we felt like if we were brunchin’ at home. This brunch definitely is going on my top 5.

I hope you enjoyed read my excitement about my Sunday brunch at the Crazywolf, in Lausanne city. xoxo