Last April in our cute little city, opened a little ice cream spot in the same street as my fav’ coffee location, the Brew Café. The brand is called Cuckoo Ice Cream, it’s been created from a group of five guys who has together over 50 years experience in the ice cream business. They are called, the five musketeers, what a great team !

They have open a first boutique in Bern, the Swiss capital and their next location was Vevey ! How lucky we are! A great excuse to eat ice cream all year long!

I liked the decoration of the spot with the blue vibe and how the ice creams are placed on the display, it’s a really small place but so cosy and welcoming. There is like nine flavors with creamy ice cream and vegan/lactose free sorbets out of a full selection of 17 flavors. I asked if they offer more but they told me that the willingness of the brand was to propose fresh homemade ice cream so they are fresh from each morning of each day, that’s a really good point to know that.

About the ingredients, they are all natural and when ever possible from Switzerland and more important they claim to not use any aromas or artificial colorants. I think that really matter especially today when we are more careful about the composition of what we eat. It’s essential to be aware that we can enjoy peacefully eating ice cream without doubting about the ingredients or where they came from. On top, the packaging and the spoons are 100% biodegradable.

And of course they are working on new ice cream’s recipe to offer but they want to wait to find the perfect recipe, that’s a long progress I guess. The last point I found really great to know is that a few flavors are according to each season of the year,  that means you will have new tastes to try during the whole year round!

You can also find these tasty ice cream in their filial everywhere in Switzerland like Manor FoodJelmoli in Zürich, Eni/Agip convenience stores. Autogrill Lavaux and a few selected restaurants around Vevey.

I want to let you know that the amazing piece of drawing just at the beginning of my article is made by a woman called Zoé Govoni and she’s so talented so thank you again ! I love it !