Hi! Days off always means time for a new brunch location. There I am with a new place in the city. It’s located in Lausanne, at the same place when there was the second Blackbird. I don’t why there is only one now, but wow this new café/restaurant is great.

I was going to the city with a friend and what a good excuse to take time to brunch between shops. We didn’t call before to make a reservation but we were lucky because we got the last table on a busy Saturday lunchtime.

You have many choices if you want something salty to eat but I found that for someone as sweet as me you didn’t have so many choices in that case. You can have some pancakes or French toasts, it’s a little bit sad that there aren’t more sweets, I think.

Since I’m plant-based, I have to find alternative and this is a hard task, especially here in Switzerland. So I gently ask the waitress if it was possible to change the Hideaway toast because initially there was avocado, cream cheese, eggs and salad, so I asked to remove the cream cheese and the eggs and that’s was it. My blondie bestie decided to order a ham/cheesy panini with some chips. She liked it but just not the ham. Earlier we got some Starbucks to go so we didn’t were in the mood for coffee again so we wanted something fresh and healthy, so we drank a red fruits/orange juice, sooo good!

We both liked this brunch, you definitely have the choice and won’t be disappointed, so go for it. Glad that there is more location like The Hideway start to open in the city. We will have so many Saturday/Sunday brunch possibilities now !