Hello everybody ! I’m back on the blog with another travel made the last couple of days, it was a surprise ! Two months ago I decided to make a surprise for one of my close friend who is living now for six months in Amsterdam for an internship. She’s working at the Hoxton hotel, which is a beautiful place to sleep for a little getaway in Amsterdam.

Let me explain to you how I manage to organize this little surprise. Two months ago, I wrote to Marcelle, she’s Amanda best friend, to ask her if she could help me with this surprise. Immediately she said yes ! I booked my tickets and she told me that I could sleep at their place, it was so sweet. To keep the secret, I told Amanda during that time that I will go visit her in like two or three months, so she really can’t guess anything. Normally I’m not a good liar but anyway for this time I was pretty good at it !

Marcelle and I planned that when I will arrive in the city around 8AM, I will go to the center and waiting at a coffee place when they will be ready to go to the Mook. It’s a little spot where you can have breakfast and brunch at anytime of the day. So I was literally in front of this place, sitting and drinking my coffee to wake me up, because I was up since 2:00 in the morning to get my plane !

WAITING…WAITING…WAITING… They finally arrived, they were sitting on a table on the right of the entrance and I was texting with Marcelle as she will be ready to film the reaction when I will arrive. That was so shocking for her because she really didn’t know anything about my visit ! The surprise went well ! And If you want to see it, my vlog should be on Youtube anytime soon !

I arrived on the 6th September early in the morning as I said previously, so when it was the surprise time, I was really hungry. We ate the most amazing pancakes, oh my goshhh ! If you are here in Amsterdam for one day or more, you have to try the Mook place, no joke, it was amazing. The place was really cute with a simple decoration and an amazing menu.

After a good brunch finally reunited with my girl, her boyfriend was there too but he came four days before me, so it was better than everybody at the same time, haha. He left the day I arrived, so we went to the central station with him. Then we went to their apartment to let my suitcase because I was literally tired of taking this one everywhere I go. They have a beautiful little home for themselves. We went out for a little bit and then my friend worked at the hotel so I went back to the apartment with her friend.

The next day, after a long night of sleeping, I was ready to explore and to discover food places even more ! Before my departure, as always I made my little research on Instagram and the Internet to look the best places in Amsterdam. The first was Metropolitan and I ask Amanda and Marcelle if they already had been there and they told me yes. So we went for a late breakfast/brunch with my friend and Marcelle came after her work. Again a cute place in the city, I took the French toast with banana and bacon, and Amanda took the French toast too but with red fruits. We took to share an açai bowl. I have no words, really, it was so good that we had to calm down on the couch before we leave for a little walk.

Then we went to the Bloemenmarkt, a cute place with flowers everywhere but the best season is at the beginning of the year, I had seen more fake tulips than real. But there were so real that on the vlog we didn’t see that they are fake. If you go in May or April it’s a better time to see the Bloemenmarkt for sure. We did a little shopping of course across the main streets. After our shopping we went to the botanic garden, it’s called Hortus Botanicus. I really like the one I did in Copenhagen and I was like why not this one in Amsterdam. My idea was good, a little peace place in the middle of the city, with all green and birds.

After almost 10km of walking, I was exhausted and I needed a little break, we stopped at the Pluk, another cosy place in Amsterdam. The food there was really good ! I took an açai bowl and Amanda chose the egg poached with avocado toast.

The 7th September, we woke up as late as the other day, so we went to a new place that was on my list, the Atgallery3, it’s a little bit out of town but it’s was worth the 30 minutes tramway. A cute place with a lot of green again. This time we took pancakes, french toast, and salmon/avocado poached eggs toast. Waaaaw delicious !! Look at this !

After this incredible brunch, we went back at the center and we went shopping again, then Amanda had to go to work, so I went with her and I chill at the Hoxton hotel and eat there.

DAY 6 : That was my last full day here in Amsterdam with them, so we told Amanda that we were planning another surprise all day so she ask her boss if it was possible to have the day off today, and guess what ?!?! He said yes!! We were so happy ! Marcelle and I decided to book a cake at a place that she knows, so in the morning she had to work and then she picked it and went back home to put it in the fridge. And after that, she found us at the Koala Republic, another place that was on my list of course. SUNDAYS ARE MADE FOR BRUNCH ! An amazing place again, simply decorated but well done !

After a good Sunday brunch, we walked out in the city and did shopping again. Then it was around 5PM we decided to go back home because we had to prepare the last surprise for Amanda’s birthday. In Switzerland, I order some balloons « Happy birthday » and pink ones. We had the cake in the fridge. So we said to Amanda to stay in her bedroom until we finished the preparation. She didn’t know anything about the surprise again. Marcelle did the decoration on the cake with some strawberries.

SURPRISE !!! I hope you liked my article about my trip to Amsterdam and I really liked all the places I have been. You can go there with no fear, really. Enjoy ! xoxo