hi, I’m back on the blog after a while, honestly, this period was so weird and I think it’s the same for almost everyone. I didn’t know how to act during this time neither how to believe which information the news was given us, it’s so biased. I decided to just stop looking for this information and try my best to find a new routine since my internship was stopped overnight. At that time, one fitness girl that I follow on Instagram came with this brilliant idea to create insta workouts lives. At first, she did for free, to entertain people during the lockdown. I became addicted to it since I didn’t have anything to do during this time. It’s so much harder to entertain yourself at home, even if we have so many things to entertain ourselves, we always have excuses. These workouts kept my physical health, my sanity, and bring some consistency. Honestly, I never saw many changes in my body in less than 3 months and I feel so much better in my mind. She brings so much energy and happiness during these workouts. @ciaralondon @bodybyciarasquad

This little introduction to contextualize my mindset of these past few weeks and months. I’m back with foodie content as it’s been almost a month since the restaurants/cafés were able to open again. When I think about this period, I first think about those businesses that they had no choice to close overnight.

I’m especially aware because my dad has a restaurant in the city. I don’t know all the things that were impacted because of this Covid 19, but I can imagine. So I thought about what can I do to help them with my skills and my visibility on my blog. Of course, I was impatient to come back to the places I loved, the first one I came back is my all-time favorite, the Brew in Vevey. I already told about this restaurant/café in the center of the city and their amazing pancakes. You can find the article below on the food spots category.

This time I came to try their new vegan option since I’m mostly plant-based with my diet, I can’t eat these incredible pancakes, so sad. But I made them homemade and they are 100% delicious too. My friend Léa told me about these bowls, with black rice (yes that’s true, real black), some veggies and when you ask for the vegan option, they add some smoked tofu. I was at first afraid that I will not enjoy the smoked tofu, since I’m not really a fan of everything smoked, but I was so surprised by the result. It was amazing, so healthy after a good home workout. If I have only something to talk about is that maybe I found that they could have put some more rice, but it’s only because I didn’t want to end.

I hope you enjoy this new article and I’ll spend my summer trying to support the locals since my vacation is reported for Summer 2021. xoxo