Hi!!! I’m back on track with an article I’m so excited about, my summer vacation! We decided with my bestie to go to Palma di Mallorca as she already had been to it and liked it. I dreamt about these vacations as I really worked hard all year long. We flew on my birthday so I was the happiest! We booked two hotels as we wanted to book a car to really enjoy the Island but man, the price was literally crazy. The total price was more expensive than the flights, it was unreal. So we decided to book the car for five days instead of seven to calm down a little bit the total price. The hotel we first saw didn’t have parking so we decided to book two nights there and the rest of the nights at the most beautiful place ever. Hotels were the same chain, but the second one was new in Palma and it was the biggest. We stayed at the HM Balanguera and HM Palma Blanc. We really enjoyed our stay at both places.

Day 1

We arrived at 11 AM at Palma airport, we called a taxi to go to our hotel and we left our suitcases as our room wasn’t ready yet. Then we of course decided for my birthday to try a brunch location we saw from the taxi when we got to the city. The place is called PLENO and if you come to the island you have to go there. The staff is so nice and the food … so good ! We had an amazing birthday brunch with our favorite oat milk aka Oatly.



After that fantastic birthday brunch, we decided to dip in the hotel swimming pool on the rooftop. It was so needed with the heat and especially the humidity. Then we decided to celebrate and go drink cocktails at a rooftop that we found. The view of Palma was incredible and the cocktails were so tasty!

Then we walked around Palma in the empty streets just before going to the birthday dinner location! The only thing I need to say is that my bestie knows me too well!



Palma streets


This restaurant was amazing and the sushis were so yummy! It was the perfect night for my 25th birthday with my bestie! We ordered so many sushis that we couldn’t eat them all so the staff was kind enough to give us a doggy bag and we ate them the next day at the beach. If you want to eat and have a nice dinner location you need to go there.

Day 2 

We decided to walk around our hotel neighborhood to find our next foodie spot for another brunch. This one is called Mamma’s Carmen and it was a cute small brunch place near our Hotel. We decided to order some acai bowl to cool down the Summer heat, some vegan scrambled toast, and of course pancakes for the sweetness. The staff was so friendly and nice, we were seated outside on their petite terrasse around the streets.







After a good brunch, we decided to walk around in the center of Palma like real tourists

Day 3

We decided to try a new foodie spot for our casual everyday brunch and we found this one called Elefante. We ordered some iced coffee, avocado toast, pancakes and vegan scrambled toast as usual. It was delicious, especially the scrambled toast. Then we took some photos and we were ready to drive to a new beach to try to arrive before the crowd.


After a long laying day at the beach kinda vibe we came back to the hotel and then we took the car to the North to the highest point of view to catch the sunset.

HM Palma Blanc


DAY 4 – Boat day for my birthday

I just received the most beautiful gift for my birthday from my bestie, she booked us a one-day excursion on a Catamaran and it was just so peaceful. We were like twenty people on the boat and we did a little tour of the island. The staff was kind because she said that we were vegetarian and they cooked something special just for us. We had the most amazing day!


For our 5th day on the Island, we woke up early to be able to go to the most beautiful beach we found again before everybody else we tried… We arrived at 8:30 AM and so many people got the same idea as us… We drove for almost an hour… so it was a little bit disappointing to see that many people already there but the view was speechless we saw the clearest water…

Cala S’Alumnia

Rikito restaurant 

My bestie got us a reservation at this amazing restaurant she found on Instagram it was really good and the cocktails were amazing too !

DAY 6 – ANOTHER BRUNCH TO START THE DAY at santina palma brunch


After having fueled our bodies we drove to another beach but it was already 1 PM and with no surprise when we arrived it was the most crowded beach on the Island … The water was phenomenal like the beginning of the trip but we hadn’t so much personal space if you know what I mean.

For tonight’s dinner location my bestie found the most aesthetic restaurant on the Island, it’s called the Spot and it was so popular that we only got a reservation at 10 PM so of course, we found another spot to drink some cocktails at Lili’s Kitchen

Spot restaurant

day 7 

For our last brunch location, we decided to walk like twenty minutes and we found this little cute coffee shop called La Molienda. Everything was so yummy and the place so aesthetic. 

To end this amazing trip we decided to go back to the sunset spot to catch this last one before going back home and it was the most beautiful one I saw. I literally couldn’t put words into the moment, it was so special and I’m so grateful to be able to experience this moment with my bestie ! This trip was all I needed and I’m eternally grateful for this beautiful friendship I have had for more than 10 years !! I hope you liked this really long travel guide.