…. This is a long overdue comeback on the blog I know. But you know that’s part of everybody’s life when you get caught with so much it’s human to prioritize.

There I am with my last travel that took part last summer. This article is the second part of my first solo travel experience.

I spend the second part of my trip with my bestie Amanda and her family. I got the chance to meet everybody and be welcome into her family house. It was such a good time. But first, we stayed some days in Stockholm. The night she got there we celebrated my belated birthday at the best sushi restaurant in Stockholm and it was amazing. This place is called Raw Sushi & Grill.

Yasuragi SPA

The next day we planned a SPA day in a Japanese wellness centre, yeah you read it right. Near Stockholm, we found a little peace of heaven in the forest. We spent the most gorgeous day and we were in a meditative state the whole day. We enjoyed a yoga course and a Tibetan sound bowl where I fell asleep. It was that good.


After a good day, we started the next one with a good brunch at the same place I came before at the beginning of my stay. We got some sun so we took this opportunity to brunch outside on the terrace, it was perfect.

We walked around and shopped as it was our last day in the city.

The next day I received my birthday gift, a pilate reformer course with my BFF. I’m so lucky, the place was so cute and friendly and the teacher was the Swedish goddess. It was so much harder than I thought. I saw so many videos and it looked easy at first. But I got to know so many new muscles I didn’t know existed before this day. I swear it’s true. After a good hour of sweat, we went to eat a good healthy lunch.

ALAlO café & cantine

For our last day in the city, we started with a good brunch. This place was as cute as the other ones we went to during the whole week.

Then we were off to the countryside of Sweden. We got on the train to Okna where the family of my BFF come every Summer and Winter to reunite together. We first arrived at the most beautiful Swedish house I had seen. It was as I imagined it.

We spent the day walking around and it was so good to finally see her hometown after so many years of friendship. Of course, we did Fika every day at a new place each time.


For our last days, we got to the big house where the family come every year and stay all together in a cute little village and this place is so authentic I was in love. It was so cool because during our stay it was the birthday of someone in the family and I got to be a part of the party and help with the preparation. I loved the vibes and the energy.

to end this last part of my first Swedish summer in Stockholm & Okna, I’m so lucky and I know it. I loved this trip and it was all I needed at that time. I felt so good to be with my BFF family and I’m so grateful for their welcome.