Hiii !

Recently I just finished reading the amazing book Becoming Supernatural by the one and only Joe Dispenza. I discovered him first when I was listening to the podcast called On Purpose by Jay Shetty. He invited Joe Dispenza two times already and his work is mind-blowing. From the moment you hear or you read the work Joe Dispenza is sharing with the World it will impact your life in a surprising way but only if you’re ready for the process. At that time while I was reading this book I was seeing a family friend who just started to become a therapist with her own vision of helping people with a holistic approach. The first session was so overwhelming because she took some heavy things back to the surface and it felt heavy at first but after I felt so light and at peace with myself. I told her about the book I was reading and she was so surprised because she’s the biggest fan of Dispenza’s work too so she was happy for me to read it now.

The UNKNOWN is all he talks about and wants the World to change their perception of their life in order to live their life to the fullest and to get access to their full potential. The UNKNOWN is kinda scary and based on a fear that’s why people and me included prefer to stay on the other side, of the KNOWN and be aware of anything that’s happening in their life. Because these things are planned, there isn’t anything new coming their way.

With the UNKNOWN you get to a completely new level of your life, you get yourself to new possibilities, opportunities to see your life, the choice you want to make and your vision of the World. He explains that there is so much more on the UNKNOWN side that people are missing so much.

I’m not saying it’s an easy process but sometimes when in your life you feel overwhelmed and overthinking not stopping this way of thinking can help to give yourself a break. He talked about the human behaviour to live in the past remembering their experiences or worrying about the future to finally in neither case living in the present moment. It made me realise that may sound crazy but we humans should every day live in the present moment that’s should be our only job. Our minds are so messed up with our thoughts about the past and the future that we forget the essential: living our life now!

If we focus on the present moment we are letting those parasite thoughts leave space for everything life has in store for us. Try it and you will see for yourself, it works. You may not realize but those parasite thoughts are draining your mind, to think about the same things every day without bringing any conclusion to, is useless. Sometimes, we need to be okay with these thoughts coming and leaving our minds without draining ourselves. I know it’s hard because I’m, myself an overthinker and my mind is used to overthinking pretty much everything but it’s a process to learn, to not give this much power to these thoughts as they aren’t permanent. With the mindset of the present moment, you will learn to not overthink and it will remind you to be present.

The Universe will show you your path with strong signals if you visualize, attract and manifest everything will happen and so much more, you just need to trust it and have faith in your own process called life.