At the start of 2023, one of my friends told me about this restaurant called « L’Arrosoir » which opened during Covid but I never had the chance to try it. Quality time is my favourite love language so we decided to eat there on a Wednesday night. We had many things to celebrate so we ordered some cocktails, she chose to drink a Hugo and I ordered my one-time favourite, a pornstar martini. I just had the first sip and it brought me back to last Summer in Palma with my best friend, hihi. The cocktails were really good, that’s a first good point. Then I loved the restaurant’s aesthetic; it’s green and fresh, and it’s really good vibes to celebrate and enjoy your night.  

Then we ordered the same vegan burger on the menu with some homemade fries and it was so huge, even the waitress was as surprised as us when she came with the plates. The vegan option wasn’t like Beyond meat or the usual « falafel steak » you can get as per usual. It was something quite different with whole chickpeas and some other veggies. But it was really good, unfortunately, we couldn’t finish our plate. I wanted to try their sweetness but I just couldn’t eat anything more in my tummy. Next time! 

It’s one of my favourite restaurants in Lausanne.


Rue Centrale 23, 1004 Lausanne

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