♥ Oh Martine ! (Geneva)

I love this city so much so when I have the opportunity to go there don’t ask twice I’m going. I just discovered my new favourite place for brunch. It’s called Oh Martine, I immediately loved the vibes and the staff were so friendly.

♥ Les merveilles de Fred (Geneva)

My friend who lives there took me to this bakery/coffee shop to taste this amazing brioche with chocolate chips. She was so right it was delicious. I didn’t like so much the vibes of the coffee shop behind the bakery it was too classic for me.

♥ Café Littéraire (Vevey)

It was good but it’s a big no for me because of the price and take just a look at the size of the pancakes… We paid 12-15CHF for three mini pancakes… I have nothing to say about the taste it was good but I will not come back if the size stays like this.

♥ Le Pointu (Lausanne)

It is my favourite of all time, this place has a big place in my heart. It’s in the centre of Lausanne, so you can go whenever you have some spare time from work or after your shopping session.

I loved the vibes and the staff, you can go for every occasion; a coffee date, for some special occasions their cocktails are so good and I’m not even talking about their menu.

If you want to try a new brunch location this is it. Go there.

♥ Un Po di Più (Lausanne)

This place is close to my heart as well because of the quality of the food and the place. The staff is nice but I come here really for the food and for the quality time I have with my friends. They have a beautiful outdoor for these summer nights just in the centre of Lausanne, it’s a must in town.

♥ La Pause (Lausanne)

Especially during the Summer when the only thing you want to eat is something fresh and light. If you want a poke bowl this is the place to go in that case. It’s just 5 minutes near the train station so very convenient.

You will eat healthy and it will be so nice with a lot of colours in your plate.

♥ Cipollino

This is an all-time favourite, it’s in the centre of the city too. The staff is nice and friendly. The food is amazing, last time I went with my bestie I finally had the chance to try their Nutella pizza, oh lord! Delicious!

♥ Lapadara (Lausanne)

This new place is great for some cocktails and some guacamole. The staff is really friendly and the vibes of the place take you to Mexico for sure! This time we only drank cocktails and ate some appetizers but we will be back to try their menu fore sure.