I don’t how is it possible that I waited more than a year after the opening to try this incredible coffee shop in Lausanne… In my defence, it’s quite hidden in the centre of the city… But that’s no excuse. My bestie told me about this new place and precisely that they sell these vegan cinnamon rolls we knew from Zürich… tell me no more I was so excited to have them in our city finally.

Last September I finally went to this coffee shop called Bel-Air Coffee, I ordered a cappuccino with their oat milk, it wasn’t my favourite Oatly, but my bestie told me about the brand called Minor Figures and they work with them so it was a try. I obviously had to eat a cinnamon roll. I was so shocked because I tried literally every vegan milk option here in Switzerland and no one beats Oatly but… I have to say Minor Figures you did a pretty good job!

Since that coffee date, I have come regularly, almost once a week. I loved everything, the people who work there are really nice and every time you come for a coffee break they welcome you with a big smile. Each time the coffee was really good, and the cinnamon rolls were amazing too. 

If you live in Lausanne or nearby, or you come to visit a friend and want a new place to try, you definitely should try the Bel-Air Coffee, you won’t be disappointed, I swear.