24th July 2023 is the date I will remember! I did it! My inner child is so proud of this whole experience I just embraced!

As I love writing, I was in need to document this first experience for myself and to tell you as well that if it’s the same fear as me that’s stopping you from doing the same, go for it!!

For weeks and months I was stuck with that fear and that little voice who told me that it wasn’t a good idea for me and to be totally honest, the little voice was worried about others’ opinions too.

2023 didn’t start as I expected at all but I took the lows to show myself all the strengths to heal and grow, so for some months I was out of my comfort zone and it was just hard.

Two months before  Sumer I stopped overthinking and pushed that fear that was paralyzing me from moving and I finally booked my flight to my favourite city: STOCKHOLM. In just one click I did the thing I was convincing myself that I couldn’t do it.

Weeks passed and with so much work to do I almost forgot that I had this trip planned on my own!

As unexpected as I was the day to leave I was so calm, everything was so right. My whole body was so ready for this experience that my mind just needed to follow it and stop overthinking as always.

I landed and from the airport, everything went smoothly, I went once five years ago so it was familiar and it was one of my wishes to appreciate more this experience. I needed somewhere where I could feel at home and I knew that Stockholm was the one for me.


If I have just one place to recommend to stay in Stockholm is there. Everything is perfect: the location is perfect, the aesthetic I have no words it feels like you live in an art gallery and the staff is so nice I will tell you more about it after…


First thing first I took myself on my first brunch date as a solo traveler. I went to a new location but they didn’t have anything that looked good for my birthday brunch so I went to another location called Greasy Spoon. I knew already this one so I wasn’t gonna be disappointed on my 26th birthday… I got some blueberries & lemon pancakes and some caffeine to start the day right. It was so so good.

I walked around Stockholm city and did some shopping all by myself and then I walked back to the hotel for the best-unexpected surprise of this special day…

I have no words … I got back to my room to find the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen. This emotional attention I will always remember and I couldn’t expected anything less with so many thoughts from this person. I love you.

Solo birthday dinner ♥

You never could go wrong with sushis for a good birthday dinner right? This is what I decided for myself. Just a ten-minute walk and I was seated in a cute terrasse with amazing sushi for dinner.

DAY 2 –

I decided to treat myself every day with a good brunch to start the day right. I started with a good coffee to go to act as a local here. Then I was ready to explore more. I decided even if the weather wasn’t on my side for this trip that I wanted to explore an island. So I went and got the last ticket for the boat in the morning. I went to a cute little island only 20 min away from Stockholm. I spent some time there I walked all around the island and ate a little fika with some good coffee. This island was so cute even if I didn’t have the perfect weather with me. I listen to some music and a really good podcast.


I don’t mean to be boring but as expected I started my day with another brunch to be ready to explore more of this city. This day I wanted to see more green and nature so I tried to go to the famous Mahalo, a vegan coffee spot. I already knew this one from my first time here in Stockholm in 2018. I loved the pancakes especially the peanut butter supplement. You need to go there when you come to the city.

Then after a good brunch I decided to walk a little bit around and I wanted to go to the Royal Garden of Stockholm but in the end I ended up lost in the woods thanks to Google Maps or myself maybe… But I loved it, I was all my myself in the forest with nobody around just the nature and then I finally found the right way and I found a little quiet place near the lake and I just lay down with my book and it was so peaceful I loved it. Then when I wanted to come back home I went and chilled in the sauna. 

28th September

This was my last day all by myself and in the evening my bestie was coming to join me for the second part of the trip. I didn’t do anything interesting for my brunch location because I just came back to Mahalo again… oups. Sorry not sorry. After that I walked around the city and did some shopping to wait for my bestie. I bought some books in the most beautiful bookstore I ever see. Then in the end of the afternoon, my bestie came for some cocktails at the rooftop.

To finish this article I will say that I learnt a lot about myself during this trip & this new experience. I am enough, you are enough. Everybody should experience this because you need to be comfortable in your own company because if not how somebody else will be comfortable with you? I didn’t let the fear of travelling alone get the better of me, because yes at first it was uncomfortable because it was unknown but by yourself, you made it known and comfortable. I loved exploring a city even if I had already been there, I loved being with my thoughts and I did not get as sick of myself as I thought (maybe a little when I was waiting for my bestie at the hotel… haha). Go explore by yourself! 

                                                                           Naïma B.